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Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm PST
john boehner even spoke. >> john boehner were nice but the words were still very much the words of this past summer. when the gop was not going to be looking at certain types of tax increases for the wealthy without some type of corresponding offsets. like home mortgaging which is the third real of american tax politics right now. we will see. the words are good, mitchell, was not quite so good. but i think that it would be to them to see if they could go forward and make a deal with the fiscal clip. o'connell also perhaps not quite so good. >>catherine: and perhaps you would have a lot of of the easier pat for this next term? >> if the opponents are smart they could use the hurricane sandy to deal with some how package that with the defic debt ceilin and move this quickly forward and out of the way it could save everybody's face moving forward. we will see if they're that smart. ysidro depending on who you talk to into people are blaming and what people are blaming you. talking about the republicans. again, how much of this would you say is mitt romney or the party not reaching
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
. for (cheers & applause) >> house speaker john boehner is also willing to be flexible. >> everything. from a revenue side and on the spending side has to be looked after. >> everything except tax hikes for the rich. that will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everybody says they want. >>pam: john boehner offered an alternative. >> it is clear that there are a lot of special tax hall loopholes. and it is also clear that there are several types of deductions deductions some of which makes sense some of which cannot. >> some of us have heard fiscal cliff but what does it really need? if what is that really mean catherine heenan. >> the fiscal cliff. >> the fiscal cliff. >> building fiscal cliff. >> congress created the fiscal cliff to force yourself to do with the national debt is the worst- case scenario in case there is no agreement on cutting spending and raising revenue. if there is no agreement by the end of the year there will be $55 billion a/with 10 percent from each program and another $55 billion from non-defense programs. air travel safety, food safety and medical payme
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
a look at this the founder of anti virus giant john mcafee inc. on the run tonight this is after being named as a murder suspect in the death of a fellow expatriate in central america. selling his namesake company for $100 million, he has been living in the belli---lving in belize and his behavior has become increasingly bizarre. he has been indicted in the death of another american whose body was found saturday night. mcafee is still at large. >> lance armstrong is officially out of his cancer charity " live strong " he had held onto a board seat even after resigning as the head of the organization. the move is the latest fall out after the open allegations. he has been stripped of all his medals however denies that he used performance in hexing drugs. >> the a new jersey's governor says that he is ending the rationing program that is in effect things have eased considerably since these scenes last week. meantime, there are still families living in the dark although there are numbers are down. about 7000 homes and businesses still do not have electricity. the governor of new york is r
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
. the fact of the matter is that john boehner might not be able to get a majority of his caucus to vote for any tax plan to put together with president obama. the democrats have to deliver and nancy is part of that. >> let us listen she was asked about her age she did not like that. >> some of your colleagues privately say they york decision to stay on prohibits the party from having a younger leadership. and hurts the party in the long term. >> what is your response? >> (audiaence gasps) >> discrimination! >> she says that the entire chinook's. gray.. for 72 years old. --she looks great-472 years old. and follow michael yaki. a half after 72 years old, she looks great. >> cloudy, cool, late evening rainfall. showers are of the day and the same on tuesday. the storm to the south is moving to the bay area. and all these clouds associated with the enormity storms but this is a rare chance that we could see this coming up from the south. it could start in the south bay first which is rare. warmer with the additional cloud coverage. mainly in the 40's with 50s for the bayshore. into the af
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm PST
safe for the residents. i do not know how long it is going to take but there, and a john deere tractor. that remain the use for landscaping and will a thats contracted out. most of this-is this an 18-is contracted out... this cleanup will be several days. this will be a monumental task. >> in addition to the city parks workers, the dailidaly city workers were also on the scene. grant both? >> they were on the scene and pre-dawn and this was from will tran. by daybreak, these vehicles were up to their wheels in. dealing with this situation, and even this small volkswagen. look at that. you cannot open the door after that point it cost this canyon. that is where the water came crashing down. it is amazing how fast that cleanup happened. it has been a tall order with shovels, even old-fashioned elbow grease. you can see the progress. with just in one hour, is still some work to do but it is amazing how far they have come today. >> developing tonight, police and walnut creek are releasing new images about a new shocking kidnapping and robbery of a carjacking. terisa? >> take a look to this
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5